About LIS

About LIS -

The Lotus International School is new campus of Lotus Group of Education ,Barnagar, Ujjain(M.P.). Our aim is to impart scientific, modern and progressive education to the children of Central India. The LIS aims at laying a sound educational foundation for an all-round development of children so as to prepare them for a bright future. As we grow, we will expand into technologies, methodologies, disciplines and even attitudes. To achieve this LIS will ensure the highest quality of faculty, resources and infrastructure.

Mission -

Lotus International School missionis to provide a resource based education with global opportunities for academic groth and development and assure that all students are provides the necessary life skills and competencies to function productively in an ever changing society while retaining Indian values and philosophy to be the first him/her than being the second somebody.

Vision -

To make Lotus International School a learning community on motivated students with staff engaged in realizing the children's full human potential and imparting world class education to each student which fosters academic excellence physical fitness, psychological and spiritual health and social consciousness.